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Travelling Gavel

A few members of Albion Lodge descended upon Rideau Minden Lodge No. 253's regular meeting, on Thursday March 2nd, 2017, in Seeley's Bay.

Up for grabs tonight: the Traveling Gavel of Frontenac District, symbol of Fraternal visitation.

The Gavel's been around for a while and has changed hands many times, rarely staying in one place very long.

As encouragement, the Master gets to sign his name into the Log Book which accompanies the Gavel on its journey throughout Frontenac District. We are very pleased to have assisted in adding this particular trophy to W. Bro. Ross Gage's (first?) year as Worshipful Master of Albion Lodge No. 109!

Present for the Gavel-grabbing were:

Bro. Forbes, W. Bro. Prohaska, Bro. Chalmers, Bro. LaFreniere, W. Bro. Gage, Bro. Gee, Bro. Kennedy, V. W. Bro. Rickards, R.W. Bro. Byer and V. W. Bro. Black.

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