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Grand Master Visits Simpson Lodge

The Grand Master of the world’s largest and oldest fraternity will visit Newboro on Tuesday, October 3 to present the William Mercer Wilson medal to Bro. Norman Lapointe

a member of Simpson Lodge.

Paul Todd, a retired Ottawa firefighter, was installed as Grand Master of Ontario’s more than 35,000 Freemasons for a two-year term in July. Worldwide, the order boasts more than 3 million members.

He says despite changing social attitudes, Masonry remains relevant and continues to attract young men to its ranks.

“Young men come to us because they are looking for a more structured life.”

Masonry is a fraternity of like-minded men who share a common set of ethics expressed through ritual and allegory. The order has a proud and intriguing history and creates a spiritual bond among its members because they share the experience of being Masons.

This year, Masons are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England, the first Grand Lodge ever established. Simpson Lodge in Newboro is celebrating their 150th anniversary this year.

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