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The Travelling Gavel

The purpose of the Frontenac District Traveling Gavel is to promote visitation between Lodges

in the District. In order to achieve this end, the Gavel must be kept circulating within the District.

The Gavel should be displayed by the ‘host’ Lodge at their next regular meeting after being
awarded the Gavel. It may then be claimed by the visiting Lodge with the most members

present. A minimum of four members is required, one of whom must be the Worshipful Master,
to qualify for this privilege.

In the event of a tie, the challenging Worshipful Masters are to decide who will take it.


This Gavel has considerable historic interest. It was made from black walnut salvaged
from the original communion rail in the 150 year old St. John’s Anglican Church at Jordan,
Ontario. The idea of presenting it was promoted by W. Bro. Clem Fuzzen, who was Worshipful Master of Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103,
St. Catharines in 1980-81 when R.W. Bro. Wallace Hogeboom was Frontenac District Deputy Grand Master. He provided the material and a member of his family fashioned it into its finished form.

The Frontenac District Travelling Gavel is currently under the care and control of the Worshipful Master and Members of  Victoria Lodge 299  and we hope you will be visiting them soon to take it to your Lodge!

District Deputy Grand Master – R.W. Bernie MacLean
District Secretary - W. Bro. J. Paul Thompson


President – W. Bro. Ian Troyer
Vice President – W. Bro. David Wright

Secretary Treasurer – R.W. Bro. Jeff Gatcke

Secretaries’ Association Chair - W. Bro. Bill Lewis

Management Committee Members:
W. Bro. Bernie MacLean

W. Bro. J. Paul Thompson

R. W. Bro. Serge Landry

V. W. Bro. Scott Bates

R.W. Bro. Jeff Gatcke 

W. Bro. Ian Troyer

W. Bro. David Wright

W .Bro. Dale LaFreniere

W .Bro. Wally Revell

W .Bro. Bill Lewis

Bro. Chris MacKey

Bro. Larry Steele

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